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Big 6 years ago
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11 months ago
I took an Asian lady from work to a nude resort and she was surprised to see my pubes fully shaved and some of the other ladies also bare. When I took her home, she asked me to shave her pubes away. Her pussy looked so beautiful once all the hairs were gone. More women need to shave their pubic hairs.
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Krissychan 8 months ago
It's been proven that shaved women have lower rates of yeast infections than hairs ones.
lynChang 7 months ago
Up until my mid 40s I never trimmed or dis a single thing with my pubic hairs. A Latino I was with was hair free from the neck down and he introduced me to getting rid of my pussy hairs. It really looked "naked" the first time he did, and it made lovemaking so awesome. I have kept it shaved and smooth even to now, although we broke up years ago. if ever there's hairs down there, I feel I am dirty. More women really should take better care of their pussy like I have,
Melanie the sexy woman 6 years ago
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